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The Asian Short Clawed Otter

11th Oct 2017 at 18:25:11

The Asian Short Clawed Otter Here at Old MacDoanld’s farm we have two lovable Asian short clawed Otters, one male and one female, appropriately named “Giggle” and “Wiggle”. Asian Short Clawed Otters Can be found in the south of Asia and to the southeast of Asia, they are the smallest Otter species in the world and like their Otter brothers they are seriously threatened by rapid habitat destruction, hunting and pollution. Their population trend is decreasing despite being a protected species they are endangered. Here at Old MacDonald’s Farm we would like to make visitors aware of the growing needs for conservation and the protection of this species and their homes. If you would like to learn more about Otter’s and conservation or would like to donate to the cause please visit to learn about the IOSF The Otter Survival Fund.

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New Baby jack (Donkey) born on the farm

11th Oct 2017 at 13:37:08

Old Macdonald’s Farm welcomed a new member to the family on September 28the 2017 a lovely baby jack/donkey was born to Mother Scarlett and Daddy Douglas.

We are pleased to announce that he has been checked over by our farm vet and he is perfectly healthy. You can meet our new addition at the farm in our donkey field with his mum where he can be seen very playing happily and receiving loads of love and attention. We currently do not have a name for our baby jack/donkey so why not head over to our facebook page and help us name him with your suggestions!

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Welcome Minnie

22nd Sep 2017 at 11:23:22

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We have had another new litter of piglets, but one of them, the runt of the litter who we have named Minnie, was so small that the vet did not think she would pull through. But with the help of our keeper Maisie who has hand reared her, sleeping with her and feeding her every hour of the night, Minnie has put on a considerable amount of weight and is now out of the woods and considers Maisie as her mum!! Minnie loves cuddles, her bottle and likes long walks around the farm – well done Maisie!!

Welcome to the farm Freckles our new Shetland Pony!

22nd Sep 2017 at 11:08:40

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With great anticipation we are pleased to announce a new member of the Old MacDonald’s Farm family! Freckles our new Shetland pony is a beautiful boy, he is 9 years old is almost white all over with freckles on his bum! Hence his name! He was brought to us on December 27th 2016.

Freckles is enjoying life on the farm with Maisie and Tallulah his keepers constantly fussing around him. He has met quite a few of our visitors here at the farm over the February half term while walking around with Maisie and Tallulah, visitors have been able to stroke him and if they’re lucky feed him a delicious carrot.

You can meet Freckles and his new friend Boo in our paddock at the entrance of the farm where they are throughout the day then in the evening when the farm is closed they are moved back to their large paddock at the back of the farm for running, playing and grazing! Watch this space for more updates on Freckles the Shetland Pony!

Our Spring Babies - Old MacDonald’s Farm & Fun Park

23rd Mar 2017 at 10:20:51

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It’s been a busy week here at Old Macdonald’s Farm & Fun Park not only have we opened for a new season but we have welcomed some very cute new arrivals.

Our new flock of little lambs were born throughout the February half term and thankfully all are doing exceptionally well and all our sheep mums have taken to motherhood like a duck to water! It was perfect timing as not only could our keepers get close to our adorable lambs but so could our visitors with scheduled petting times throughout the day to introduce our new-born’s to life on the farm and to wean them into interacting with us and our visitors.

We can’t forget our baby Guinea pigs! It’s been somewhat of a baby boom in our “Rabbitry” this February as we have welcomed three lots of Guinea pig babies! Along with our two nearly born baby bunnies born in January and our cute little Guinea pig babies we have heard a lot of “Awwws!” And “Ooooos!” as visitors visited them in our “Rabbitry” throughout February half term and also were able to get up close to them in our classroom throughout the day and learn some fun facts!


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