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Safety Rules

Safety Rules
At Old MacDonald's Farm your safety is very important to us. To ensure you enjoy your day out we have put together a simple check list of rules that we ask you to follow.
Please note: We do not allow dogs at Old MacDonald's Farm but Guide Dogs for the blind or partially sighted are allowed.

Wash Your Hands
After contact with animals it is important to wash your hands especially before eating any food. We have a large wash stations available to use and we also have fully equipped toilets available.

Cuts and Grazes
If you have any open wounds cuts or grazes it is important to keep them covered up to prevent against infection.

Do Not Eat Animal Food
The animal food on sale in our gift shop is for animal consumption only.

Pregnant Women
All pregnant women should avoid contact with sheep or lambs. EColi can be extremely dangerous to pregnant women. Information on e-coli is at our hand wash stations available around the farm and the gift shop. Pregnant woman should refer to the safety precautions set out by us and refer to the NHS website for clear advice before visiting any farm.

Traffic Light Safety System
We have a Traffic light system which has been implemented throughout the farm on paddocks and pens informing Parents or carers which animals are safe to touch.




Health & Safety Message
Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians and must be supervised at all times.