Fun Animal Facts
AnimalFallow Deer
OriginOriginally from the Mediterranean and Middle East. The Romans spread the Deer across Europe and the Normans introduced them to forests in England in the 11th Century. Also found in Scotland and Wales
SexMale (Buck, Stag) / Female (Doe, Hind)
WeightMales 85-90 kg / Females 50-60 kg
HeightGenerally, 1 metre at the shoulder
Lifespan14-15 years in the wild
Animal PopulationNo exact figure, however it is estimated that there is a thriving population of 100,000
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

Female deer, or 'Does' give birth to a single fawn (baby) typically in June or July

Peak activity times for the Fallow Deer is at dawn and dusk

Adult male fallow deer are called 'Bucks'

Female deer are pregnant usually for a total of 229 days, a human is typically pregnant for around 280 days