Fun Animal Facts
OriginIt is thought that Cows were first domesticated, and perhaps even selectively bred, in ancient Mesopotamia over 10,000 years ago. Specially bred cattle came from the near east to Britain perhaps 4000 years ago.
SexFemale (Cow or Heifer) / Male (Bull, Steer, Ox)
Weight1500-2000 Ibs
Height4-5 ft
Lifespan20 years if in a good environment
Animal Population1.3 billion in the world
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

All members of the cattle family have cloven feet, meaning the hooves are separated into two toes.

The cattle family includes yaks, water buffalo, oxen, bison, goats and sheep.

Poo fact - Manure fertilizes the soil so grass and other plants grow.

What does “chewing the cud” mean? Cows chew grass and swallow it. Later, they spit it up and chew it again.

You probably know all about the cows that live on farms. But did you know that there are wild cows, living throughout the world?

These furry mammals are valued for many things especially for their milk.

Cow manure, or dung, is sometimes dried and burned for heat in places where there is no firewood.

Cows eat grass, which is hard to digest. They have four stomachs to do the job.