Fun Animal Facts
Origin Europe
SexNo specific words for female or male owls. Females are recognizable by their drooping ear tufts, whilst males have more upstanding ones
Weight4+ kg
Height65 cm / Wing Span 6-7 ft (200cm)
Lifespan 21+ years (wild) / 40+years (captivity)
Animal PopulationBecame extinct in Britain in the late 19th Century. However after that time there were frequent reports of its return. Some still remain in the Scottish Highlands
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

Annie is extremely calm around adults and children, on school visits the children love to meet and stroke her.

They have an extremely strong beak and powerful talons, which in the wild they use to capture their prey, such as Rabbits and Hares

These birds of prey are largely nocturnal, night time is when they like to hunt.

Annie was hatched in an incubator in 2000. She was hand reared at home by a member of staff and cared for as one of the family until she made a permanent move here to the farm.

European eagle owls are the largest of all owls.

They will challenge any animal they think they can dominate, perhaps their only fear is man.

A group of owls is called a Parliament and a baby owl is called an Owlet.