Fun Animal Facts
OriginCoastal parts of Asia and inland waterways too (Can be referred to as the Malaysian Otter)
SexMale (dog) / Female (female dog or bitch)
Weight2-5.5 kg
LifespanAround 12 - 15 years, however, it is thought in captivity can live to 20+ years
Animal Population There are 13 species around the world and many of them, just like the Asian shot clawed Otter, are endangered through habitat destruction and also due to hunting as they are sought after for medicinal purposes
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

The Otter belongs to the same family as badgers, weasels and stoats. If you were to look at them all together you would see the similarities.

The Asian Short Clawed Otter, as the name suggests, has extremely tough claws which rarely extend past the end of the paw and are used for digging in the mud and foraging for food.

They build nests alongside Paddy Fields during the rice growing season and dig small channels by which they wait for unsuspecting fish to swim past, and grab them!

The Asian short clawed otter is the smallest of all otter species, weighing up to 5.5 kg.

Pregnancy for an otter lasts for roughly 9 weeks, usually ending with a litter of 4-5 pups born.

Otters have very sharp teeth and with these eat mainly fish and shellfish, such as crabs, from the river bed and also small mammals.

Our 2 otters at the farm will stay together for life.