Fun Animal Facts
OriginSouth America - Bolivia, Peru, The Andes, Ecuador and Chile
SexMale (Macho) / Female (Hembra / Dam)
Weightup to 400 Ibs
Heightup to 6ft at the head
Lifespan20 years
Animal PopulationThe Llama claims to have the largest population of domestic South American Camelids, with 63% being in Bolivia. In 2007 a census assessed there were 7 million llamas in South America.
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

There are 4 types of Llama, the Ccara, Curaca, Lanuda and Tampuli. The alpaca is a common relative with the same origin. However, the llama is much taller and generally larger, with a longer head and distinctive banana shaped ears.

Llamas are very useful animals they can be used to carry loads, pull carts and protect herds of sheep from predators.The llama, like the donkey, is also known as the ‘Beast of Burden’.

Llama’s, like sheep, are farmed for their fleece.

On the 13th May 2010, Old MacDonald's Farm welcomed, Elliot, Hugo, Tarzan, Manuel and Mozart to their new home! It didn’t take long before they all settled in well and it appears that Manuel is leader of the pack!

Llamas were domesticated some 6000 years ago, by the Ancient Inca people of Peru. They are still very popular.

The Spanish Empire, following their invasion of South America in 1528, used llamas to transport ore and other precious materials down from the mountains.