Fun Animal Facts
AnimalGuinea Pig
OriginAndes, South America
SexMale (Boar) / Female (Sow)
Weight1-3 lbs
HeightUp to 10 inches
Lifespan4 to 6 years
Animal PopulationNumerous and there are thought to be types of Guinea Pigs undiscovered in South America today
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

The wild guinea pig was domesticated as early as 5000 BC in Peru by the Incas. They are part of the rodent family and a descendent of closely related species, known as the cavia and capybara that live wild in South America.

In parts of South America guinea pigs as a popular food source and are considered a delicacy. The fur is also used for clothing so they are very useful little creature

Guinea pigs are vegetarians and eat grass, hay and need a good mix of fruit and veg to keep them healthy. They are more active at dawn and dusk. Thet like to live in groups or with a partner.

At the farm we have a small group of guinea pigs who live in a hutch designed to look like a steam train.

In western countries the guinea pig is a popular pet and have been for centuries. They were first brought to Europe by traders and special breeds have been developed. They were initially popular with the upper classes in the 16th century.

Pregnancy lasts on average 50-70 days. Litters will include around 1-6 pups.