Fun Animal Facts
OriginSouth America - Peru and the Andes. In smaller numbers in Chile and Bolivia
Sex2 x Male (Macho) / 2 x Female (Hembra) / 1 x Baby Male (Cria)
Weight100 to 185 lbs
HeightStand approximately over 1 metre at the withers
Lifespan20 years
Animal PopulationThe 1532 Spanish invasion saw the Alpaca population near to extinction. Nowadays there are said to be 3.5 million in South America
Did You KnowFun Farm Animal Facts

There are two breeds of alpaca, the Huacaya and Suri. The llama is a close relative of the alpaca and also originates from South America.

It is thought that the alpaca fleece can come in 22 different colours, which can be made into clothing items and sold for lots of money! Alpacas will stay the colour they are at birth for life.

Alpacas are herd animals so do not like to be alone and make excellent friends!

Eloise, one of the newest alpaca additions to the farm on the morning of 06/06/2010 gave birth to a little male black cria, the first alpaca to be born on the farm.

Alpacas were once looked after and domesticated by the Ancient Inca people who lived in South America 6000 years ago. They were associated with the goddess ‘Pachmana’ or Earth Mother and truly respected.

Pregnancy lasts for about 11.5 months and the baby alpaca is called a cria.