To See Ourselves As Others See Us (Chapter 2)

alpaca2.jpgholiday-old-mcdonalds-farm-054.jpgholiday-old-mcdonalds-farm-051.jpgholiday-old-mcdonalds-farm-049.jpgholiday-old-mcdonalds-farm-037.jpgholiday-old-mcdonalds-farm-024.jpgOld Macdonald loves to read the emails sent to him, either through the Blogs on this website or directly to the farm, and appreciates the comments that people make and the time and trouble they take to make them. Nothing we can tell you about how proud we are of the farm will explain the great time that our visitors enjoy compares to their own stories, so here is one family’s experience of our Leisure and Educational Farm so do read on for Brian, Christine and Julie-Anne’s day out.

By the way, those of you visiting with the offer published in some papers of 4 children with one full paying adult for £1 each, this particular offer allows admittance to the farm but does not include use of some of the leisure rides at the farm which can be obtained by purchase of wristbands for each child at the special rate of £4 each.

Arrived there at eleven when we got our treasure guide and off we went braving the wind the rain the hail sleet and snow (well, got to make it sound good). Then hours later and totally exhausted (well I was) we stopped at the restaurant where I tucked into the bacon burger and chips (yummy) realising should have done the treasure hunt after and not before the bacon burger. Then checked on the otters to see how they were; they were in hiding but I waited and watched for the tell tail bubbles in the water (now that could be wind but I came to my senses) went off in to the ball area where my wife and daughter fired the balls at each other. I was resting my bacon burger by this time while people outside were caught in the sudden monsoon.

Went on the roller coaster pulled on by my daughter (didn’t need much pulling) followed by the wife and had a good laugh. I said to Julie Anne why don’t you go down the big slide? She did what the others were doing – jumped into the air and started to slide down. The only thing was she suddenly was standing up and sort of running before she fell forwards (heard her laughing her head off – what a relief ) so went to collect our bounty from the treasure hunt. I didn’t tell you this but we did 2, one for my daughter and one for me .I was disappointed I only got I bag of chocolate sweets whilst my daughter got 2 bags of money. What an injustice I say (boo boo).

Anyway we left feeling we could have stayed longer but we had to get back to Luton so that my wife’s son could pick up stuff he left at our house before he went to Turkey, alright for some.

Anyway thanks again for a great day

Hope to be back soon

Brian, Christine and Julie-Anne

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