Help Old Macdonald Support Alison’s African Adventure and Get a Free Ticket for your Child

old-macdonalds-bike-ride-1.jpg2242974.jpgwildebeest02.jpgFirm favourites here at Old Macdonald’s Farm are the marvellous Meerkat Family, and they are asking you to help support their aunts, uncles and cousins in Africa by helping us help Alison Parish, a local Veterinary Student, to raise funds to work for six weeks on animal conservation in their home land of South Africa. If you do you will get a free entry ticket for your child.

By the way, only one of the pictures above is here at Old Macdonald’s Farm, the other is Gnus at Ten! Guess which is which.

 ALISON PARISH, a part time auxiliary nurse at “All Animals Vet Clinic” in Grays, Essex, is at present undertaking an Animal Science BSc (Hons) Degree at Writtle College, Chelmsford. Upon graduating Alison will enrol on a Veterinary Science degree. 

However Alison has been offered the opportunity to go to Africa for 6 weeks with the African Conservation Experience as they have decided that she would be a valuable volunteer who can assist a veterinary surgeon on the game reserves. To raise money to allow her to work in either Shimongwe in Limpopo or Kimberley in North Cape, Alison with her partner MATT WILSON, held a sponsored bike ride from Colchester Zoo to Old Macdonald’s Farm in Brentwood on March 30th, finishing at 2.30 p.m.. They originally thought the distance was 36 miles but because they went by country roads it turned out to be 54 miles in total! You can see them above at the very end of their trek on Sunday!

Our Meerkats begged Old Macdonald to help Alison as their aunts and uncles benefit from the work of the Animal Conservation Experience and he was pleased to do this. The Meerkats are most persuasive and have rather sharp teeth!

That is why we are encouraging our visitors to fill in sponsorship forms at the farm and also asking readers of our website to blog in their pledges. Let us know how much you will support Alison per mile and we will send you a free child entry ticket for a day out at Old Macdonald’s Farm. Now there is a bargain, for you and for the important conservation projects in Africa. For more information on the project itself, visit, for more information on Old Macdonald’s Farm visit us here in Brentwood.

8 Responses to “Help Old Macdonald Support Alison’s African Adventure and Get a Free Ticket for your Child”

  1. Joe Jones says:

    I pledge £4 to this good cause so please email me my free child ticket. Thank you and good luck with the trip.

  2. Danny Neil says:

    I promise £ 3 to Alison’s African Adventure so please email me my free child pass for the day. Thank you.

  3. Lynsey Williams says:

    I will definitely bring the kids and make a donation. What a worthy cause and great fun for all the family. My daughter is in love with the roller coaster and we can’t get her off it normally.

  4. luke stone says:

    Surely a £3 or £4 donation is not enough, some people! come on who’s going to try a pound then!! I am coming tomorrow and will make my donation then; goodluck with the fundraising!
    Old Macdonald says…….That is good of you Luke but all contributions are gratefully received. Hope you enjoy your day at the farm.

  5. jo says:


    I would like to come tomorrow with my two kids, can I pledge £4.00 each and get 2 tickets?

    Thanks, Jo

    Old Macdonald Says: Of course you can Jo and I have emailed you to confirm this. Have a great day!

  6. Jane Thomas says:

    I would like to visit tomorrow can I pledge £3.00 and get my free child ticket for then? p.s goodluck with the fundraising.

  7. Bev says:

    Please add me to your mailing list, thanks

  8. News from Alison in Africa! says:


    Hope all is well at the farm!

    I’m out in South Africa now. is really different to back home. We have meerkats or ‘ground squirrels’ as they are known here running about outside! There is also a baby zebra in the clinic being rehabilitated. I will take lots of photos and send you them when i get home!

    Thank you again for the sponsorship

    Kind regards


    Old Macdonald says : Received this from Alison on 13th June and glad to hear how well she is doing. Really looking forward to the photos and good to see how all our customers’ donations have helped this young woman develop her skills as a vet!

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